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Oliver is a handsome 32-year-old chartered accountant, who runs his own CPA firm in London. He has come a long way from his delinquent, teenage days in Blackpool, when he was forced to commit several indiscretions by school bully, Jake Hornsby.

Oliver hits rock bottom when his girlfriend, Mia Jones leaves him for a Frenchman. He takes a road trip to get over the break up and stops at a bar cum restaurant called Movers & Shakers for a brew and a bite. Oliver notices that the waitresses at the bar behave strangely on noticing him. Oliver begins getting strange vibes from the place.

He thinks of leaving it as quickly as possible, but stops at the restroom first. He is captured by two men, who seem to be operating on the orders of a woman called Madam X. Oliver is subsequently feminized, pimped, forced to have a uterus transplant and carry a baby to term. When the infant is six months old, Oliver (now Olivia) is wrenched away from her and is taken to work in what is evidently a Baby Formula factory, but turns out to be another ghastly faculty where Olivia’s body is exploited.

Who is Madam X and why is she inflicting these tortures on Oliver? Is Madam X a jealous colleague, competitor or flustered ex-girlfriend of Oliver’s?


Subtitle: Feminized for Revenge

Chapter 1 – The Swashbuckling CPA

Phones were ringing everywhere. Secretaries were buzzing from one department to another. It was an active mid-morning in a posh, multi-storied office in Kensington. Dressed in a double-breasted purple suit, Oliver Knight answered his forty-ninth call of the day.

At 32, he had his own CPA firm in London. Oliver had started as a Certified Professional Accountant 9 years back and had established his own firm, Knight & Co. only two years back. Knight and Co. prioritized helping smaller companies to grow and establish themselves in the market. It also helped start-ups with business plans, loan applications and venture capital funding.

Knight & Co. had done terrific business since its inception. The credit for its success had gone to the blonde, swashbuckling godfather of the company. Oliver was as well known for his classical good looks as he was for his energy, dedication and expertise.

Presently, Oliver was in a pensive mood. “I have every reason to be proud of myself” he thought gazing out of the huge, transparent glass window “after all, I have come a long way since my Blackpool days”. Oliver was lost in a day dream for a couple of seconds before Lily Little, his personal secretary gently knocked at his door.

There was nothing “little” about Lily. She was a big, strong warrior-like woman with an inner personality to match. She made sure that Oliver’s schedule was flawlessly managed and was a major factor that had contributed to his stupendous success.

Presently, Lily said, “I’m sorry to disturb you, sir, but I wish to remind you of your meeting with. Ms. Jones. You’re to meet her at Coffee House at 11:30”.

“Oh yes, I’d forgotten!” said Oliver jumping to his feet “I hope Mia won’t be furious!”

Mia Jones was Oliver’s girlfriend of six years. He had met her through an online dating site and had been in a steady relationship with her ever since. Mia was everything Oliver appreciated in a woman—energetic, enthusiastic and extremely charismatic. She had been interning in special education in France for the past 4 months and had returned to England only the previous day. Mia had called him and said that she had wanted to talk. Her voice had sounded grave. Oliver wondered if Mia might broach the subject of marriage. She’d hinted that she was keen on settling down and having a baby.

Currently, Oliver rushed to Coffee House, which was situated right opposite his office. The slim, elfin form of Mia came into his line of vision. She looked adorable in a polo-necked t-shirt and a pair of rust-colored leather pants.

“Hey there!” Oliver greeted rushing to embrace Mia. He was shocked to discover that Mia didn’t hug him with the fervor that he was used to. Oliver drew back and took a peek into his girlfriend’s face. It was a deathly white.

“Oh my God!” he said in a shocked whisper “what happened, darling?!”

“Actually…” said Mia “I’ve met someone else…” Guilt was apparent on her paper white face.

Oliver collapsed on one of the nearby easy chairs and held his head in his hands. He felt that his world had come to an end.

“Who’s the guy?” he asked dully after a while.

“Filberte” Mia replied “he proposed to me before I returned. I have decided to marry him and start a family as soon as possible”. She remained standing, wringing her hands in distress.

“Ok” said Oliver dully. He was familiar with Filberte Armel. He was one of the guys who had interned along with Mia. Over her weekly Skype chats with Oliver, Mia had incessantly talked about Filberte. She had mentioned him in a jocular vein. She had found it amusing that Filberte ordered girly, sugar-induced cocktails when they went on an outing. Mia had also mimicked Filberte’s accent. Little had Oliver guessed that Mia had been falling in love with the unusual Frenchman.

“Guess his preference for Mojitos won you over” said Oliver smiling sardonically.

“Please don’t be sarcastic, Oliver” Mia said, suddenly bristling “There are so many things about Filberte that I like. He is compassionate, wears his heart on his sleeve and is not shy to kiss me in public…In our entire six years together; you never did anything of that sort!”

“Sorry, but public display of affection is not my style” hissed Oliver and got up to go. Mia picked up her handbag and tucked it under her arm. The two walked in awkward silence until Oliver had hailed a cab and had safely seated Mia in it.

The two gazed at each other for a while. Mia looked immensely apologetic. Oliver felt his heart being ripped to a million shreds. He wondered if he’d ever feel whole again.

“All the best” he said with a dry mouth.

“Wish you the same” Mia said softly.

Then the cab-driver drove away taking Oliver’s beloved ex with him.


Oliver returned to the office in a daze. Lily reminded him that he was to attend a one hour seminar in which Oliver was to speak about personal money management. Oliver walked into the conference hall and delivered the speech confidently. After the lunch-break, he went about his tasks competently. Yet inner peace evaded him.

He couldn’t believe that Mia had left him. Mia, who had said that they were made for each other… Maybe he should have hurried up and proposed to her right before she left for France. At 34, Mia had been concerned about her ticking biological clock. She had probably accepted Filberte’s marriage proposal on a “first-come-first-served basis”.

After 8 pm, Oliver went to his aesthetically furnished home, which was also located at Kensington. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and tried to suppress the horrific, recurring memory that had tormented him for the past 15 years. He usually succeeded in keeping it at bay, but today’s heartbreak had left him weak-willed. “No, leave me alone!” Oliver yelled like a lunatic. Yet the memory barged into his consciousness.

“She’s coming!” Jake’s ugly, raspy voice said “Quick boys, pin her down!” He pointed to a sylph-like, blonde woman who was walking in our direction.

“Jake, I really don’t wish to be a part of this!” 17-year-old Oliver protested. Theo said something similar.

Oliver felt his cheek sting. Belatedly, he realized that he had been slapped by Jake. Jake proceeded to whack Theo, too.

“Do as I say, you boneheads!” he hissed dangerously “otherwise, I’ll chop your heads off and send them to your parents”.

Oliver and Theo had the uneasy feeling that Jake would do what he had threatened to. They reluctantly caught hold of the unsuspecting girl and pinned her down, while Jake raped her—viciously and repeatedly.

The woman’s horrified face and bloodcurdling screams made Oliver sick to the stomach. No one heard her, as they were seemingly miles away from civilization. Then there had been blood, blood everywhere, seemingly oozing out of the victim.

“Damn!” Oliver presently said, swatting his aching forehead. He hadn’t always had a charmed life. Much of it had been spent in the city of Blackpool, where 65% of the population was unemployed and the living costs disproportionately high. His father had a business, which had suddenly run into a huge loss, forcing Oliver to shift from a public school to a terrible state-funded one. Unfortunately for Oliver, the school had a gang of bullies headed by a notorious boy called Jake Hornsby.

Jake and his gang were sullen, cynical youth involved in a number of shady dealings such as home made sex video circulation, drug smuggling, alcohol bootlegging and so on. It was also rumored that they hacked corporate programs. Jake also took perverse pleasure in bullying weaker mortals in school. Oliver had initially become the victim of Jake’s bullying, but was later forced to carry out tasks and run errands for the gang.

Oliver detested doing dirty work for the gang, but was forced to in order to save his skin. He remembered the consequences of his recent refusal to edit a homemade sex video. Jake and gang had punched him until he had a black eye and two broken ribs. Fearing further backlash from Jake and company, Oliver had told the school counselor and his parents that he had fallen down the stairs and hurt himself.

From that day onwards, Oliver hadn’t dared to refuse any chore Jake had for him. He had smuggled drugs, bootlegged alcohol and also helped Jake hack computer programs.

One fateful day, Jake developed sexual attraction to Jessica Lavin, a 20-year-old married woman who lived in the same colony as him. She was a devout girl, evidently married to a quiet, decent insurance agent. Even though Jake was built like a gorilla, he had a thing for small, delicate women. Jake made many attempts to talk to Jessica, but she wouldn’t even look in his direction.

That was when Jake hatched a plan to assault her. Jessica attended a computer class every evening and would take a particular deserted short cut on her way back home. Jake had discovered that and had arranged for Oliver and another boy named Theo be present to pin Jessica down, while he had his wicked way with her.

Oliver and Theo were reluctant to be a part of the heinous crime, but Jake had threatened them with dire consequences if they didn’t participate. Oliver and Theo had pinned the girl down with much distress, while Jake assaulted her. The crime had been reported an hour later. Since the criminals had been below 18, they had been sent to a reform school instead of prison.

When Oliver came out of a reform school after a year, his family had shifted to London. Oliver’s father had recovered his business losses; hence Oliver was in a position to attend a good public school. He immersed himself in academics, graduated from Cambridge University and became a successful CA.

Success hadn’t obliterated the past from Oliver’s memory. The face and the screams of the rape victim still haunted him.

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