“Imposed Womanhood” a forced feminization story

“Imposed Womanhood” a forced feminization story authored by Yu Sakurazawa has been published.

[Introduction] 44-year-old orthopedic surgeon Nikhil Lobo has everything going for him—a great career and a loving wife. He and his wife Danielle are soon planning on starting a family. When Nikhil is in Bangalore for a felicitation, he is befriended by an amiable young man called Percy Pinto. Percy insists on giving Nikhil a lift, but abducts and incarcerates him instead. During captivity, Nikhil is castrated and asked to do humiliating things like put on makeup and dress in brassieres and miniskirts. He is also sexually assaulted by his captors. Meanwhile, Danielle is held hostage in her own home by a woman called Sophia. Sophia is the leader of the gang which has abducted Nikhil. The gang demands a ransom of Rs. 3 Crore for Nikhil’s and Danielle’s release. However, they don’t let the couple free go even after receiving the money. Soon, Nikhil’s harrowing journey towards transitioning into Natasha begins. Why is the gang forcibly feminizing him?


Imposed Womanhood

by Yu Sakurazawa


Chapter 1 – Born under Enviable Stars

A tall athletic body. A posh house in Cuffe Parade overlooking the Marine Drive. At 44, renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Nikhil Elias Lobo, had it all.

He glanced towards and smiled at the shapely redhead standing in the kitchen. She was scribbling on her notepad as she made herself coffee. His 27-year-old wife Danielle Bisset was the most precious possession in Nikhil Lobo’s life. He had met her the previous year during a visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Danielle had worked as museum staff. The museum was nearly closing, and Nikhil had reserved an early morning flight to Mumbai the next day. Danielle had helped him see the painting of Mona Lisa and the sculpture of Venus and Cupid in the nick of time, before the museum closed for the day at 5pm. A much grateful Nikhil had taken the gorgeous Danielle for coffee after the two had talked for hours. Nikhil learnt that Danielle had taken a course in English and edited manuscripts of English books during nights and weekends.

Nikhil himself had many feathers in his cap. He had graduated from the Mumbai Medical College, and subsequently, done his MS from Safdarjang and UCMS in Delhi. He currently worked as the head surgeon at Shetty College of Medical Sciences in Mumbai. He had earned a great reputation for treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries like cartilage damage, hip and shoulder problems, knee injuries and so on. He was revered by each soul who graced the earth.

Nikhil believed in providing a model for his patients by adopting a healthy life style, replete with a balanced diet and lots of exercise. His twinkling eyes, stylish goatee and flat belly had won Danielle over. Even after Nikhil had returned to India, he and Danielle had kept in touch. Three months later, Danielle had flown over. She and Nikhil had got married in a huge, flamboyant ceremony. It happened three years ago.

Just when he had thought that his personal and professional life couldn’t get any better, Nikhil heard that he was going to be presented with the “Best Surgeon Award” during a felicitation ceremony, which was to be held at the Bangalore branch of Shetty group of hospitals.

Danielle had decided not to attend the function. She worked from home and had a deadline to meet. She promised to watch Nikhil live from the comfort of their home. Nikhil was upset at first, but agreed with Danielle.

He flew down to Bangalore and stayed in the luxurious Oberoi Hotel. The Shetty Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, the venue of his felicitation, was located about 20 minutes from the hotel.

On the D-Day, Nikhil dressed in an immaculate grey suit with a pink tie that Danielle had gifted him. He took a cab to the felicitation venue. The award ceremony was a showy one attended by politicians, stalwarts from the medical and other professions and of course, the media. After a brief speech by the hospital dean, Nikhil was presented with a shining golden trophy. He soon found himself talking to a dozen noisy reporters, thrusting microphones in his face. The sound of thunderous applause reached his ears. Nikhil smiled. He felt invincible.

A buffet lunch was organized after the felicitation. As Nikhil heaped mashed potatoes and chicken curry on his plate, a man ambled up to him. He was in his early 30s and wore a black suit.

“Hello Dr. Lobo, I’m Percy Pinto” he said in an airy tone “you had fixed my grand mom’s knee a couple of years ago. The surgery was a terrific success. Good old granny can walk without the help of a stick now”.

Nikhil grinned broadly. “A pleasure, Percy” he said “glad your grand mom is doing well”. Several patients came to Mumbai especially to see Nikhil. He had operated on so many people that he obviously didn’t remember the man’s grandmother.

Nikhil continued heaping food on his plate. Percy too got himself a plate and served himself meat and vegetables.

“All of us have immense respect for you, Dr. Lobo” he continued “We think of you as God. My little nephew wants to grow up to be a doctor like you”.

“Thanks” said Nikhil beaming. He was irked by Percy’s presence, but welcomed his praise. He found a table and sat down. Percy sat down next to him.

Over the next twenty minutes, the younger man prattled on. Nikhil didn’t mind. The conversation was flattering with Percy singing praises of him.

Every two minutes, Nikhil caught the eye of a well-known politician. Other well-respected doctors nodded at him. However, noticing that Nikhil had company, no one disturbed him.

After the meal, Nikhil was overcome by the sudden urge to get away from the noisy hospital grounds and retire to the peaceful seclusion of Oberoi Hotel. Just when he was thinking of booking a cab, Percy offered to drop him.

“Oh, no” said Nikhil “I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you”.

“It’s no inconvenience, doctor” replied Percy smiling “my family and I owe you so much; this is the least I can do for you”.

Nikhil considered the offer. Taking a lift from the grateful Percy wasn’t a bad idea. He would get to the hotel sooner. Booking a cab was usually a hassle.

“I’ll take you up on your offer” he said suavely. In a minute, Nikhil and Percy traipsed down to the car park and got into Percy’s car. It was a well-worn Alto, unlike the posh Mahindra SUV Nikhil drove.

Percy made small talk as he drove down the lovely MG Road. He talked about his family, automobiles and politics. He had an absorbing manner of speaking; soon Nikhil found himself hanging on to every word that Percy said. He came to his senses only when Percy turned into unfamiliar little side street, instead of the beautiful wide road that led to Oberoi Hotel.

He spoke up. “I’m not too familiar with Bangalore” Nikhil said “but I think you have taken the wrong turn”.

“Oh no, Dr. Nikhil” said the younger man “I was born and brought up in Bangalore. Know the damn city like the back of my hand. I don’t even need a Google map or any of the other shit people use nowadays. This particular turn will take you to Oberoi Hotel faster”.

His tone was mellow, like a soothing massage. Nikhil found himself pushing his seat back and reclining. He felt he might fall asleep right there and then.

He was rudely awakened by Percy. The young man held an inconspicuous little pistol in one hand and ordered Nikhil to get off.


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