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Forced into the Third Gender – The Champion’s Bride

  • Forced into the 3rd GenderTitle: Forced into the Third Gender
  • Subtitle: The Champion’s Bride
  • Series: Hijra, the Third Gender
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Gender Swap Type: MTF

“The Champion’s Bride” is one of the stories of “Hijra, the third Gender” series.The story traces the life of Pankaj (later called as “Nina”) between 12 and 24 years approximately. Pankaj was the only son of a navy captain who is from a wealthy family. His mother dies of illness when he was 11, and then his father almost immediately marries the second wife who has a son and a daughter.In an attempt to make her own son the heir of her wealthy husband, the stepmother wants to make Pankaj a shame of the family. Pankaj is framed by the stepmother into the third gender. Continue reading Forced into the Third Gender – The Champion’s Bride

The Animal in Me – Resurgence of Transhumans – SF Cyberpunk

  • The Animal in Me_newTitle: The Animal in Me
  • Subtitle: Resurgence of Transhumans
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Category: Cyberpunk

In a future society technology and biological engineering reshaped human life. The earth is not divided anymore to nations or races but to subcultural groups. Many people are trans-humans, and are treated as second-class citizens, since they are technologically or genetically modified. The Purity Party has a majority in the current government, led by President Yceberg, who believes in the sacredness of the body. The question is: how far he’d go to prove his point?

Theo Ruby is 32 years old, single man, a loyal soldier. He worked as the Head of Security at the Purity Party. Right after elections, he’d got infected with a mysterious virus which was deteriorating his body fast: within days he became paralyzed, unable to speak and on the very edge of death. It was an experience what would change anyone. After he was captured by the trans-humans and copied into Babel, he lives on in her body as a clear consciousness. After some time to adjust, his personality becomes more unpredictable and revengeful.

The Animal in Me

Resurgence of Transhumans

Chapter One – The Ball

Outside the fences, eager paparazzis fought the security, the cameras aggressive flashes flickered in the darkness. Only a few long-distance shots captured blurry images, and even those were about to be taken away by the sec eventually. The media hyenas struggle didn’t reach the upper-crust’s ears, who were celebrating the Purity Party’s recent win at President Yceberg’s luxurious resort.

Powerful politicians and prominent celebrities cruised in the illuminated tropical garden with fancy cocktails in their hands.

Yceberg casually chatted in the circle of men wearing shiny uniforms, his well-tailored, silver suit and bald head was easy to spot, which made Theo Ruby’s job easier. As the Head of Security he had to pay maximum attention to the president’s safety. He had clear orders to keep this party free of trans-humans. There was only one name on the list who was approved to attend the exclusive celebration, although she was genetically modified or maybe this was the exact reason, to have one to show off with. Lady Indigo was the wife of the United Africa’s ambassador and also the ultimate representative of trans-humans, but only a dull, snobby puppet figure in reality. Her distinctive purple skin was slightly fluorescent by the fairy-lamp’s dim lights.

She threw piled lobster cubes on her plate and slurped out the last sips of her Virgin Mojito. Theo Ruby escorted her while the ambassador left to a private room to discuss some sensitive topics, like how to treat the rebelling trans-human minority in United Africa. Lady Indigo knew nothing about politics but she had the looks to be among politicians: her chubby, mutant Eve-look with weird portions was evidently alien. Her color palette ranged from from avocado green to radiant indigo, she was sometimes gorgeously different, from other angles interestingly ugly. Since she was not considered bright enough or didn’t qualify for long conversations, she was engaged in stuffing her face with the lobster which constantly fell out of her swollen mouth even after numerous attempts.

Theo barely could stand the strong, sweet scent she emitted. Her puffy hands left brown fingerprints on the expensive porcelain plate.

“Are you in a reproduction phase?” Theo asked politely, trying to disguise his disgust by browsing among the replicated chilly tofu.

“Yes, unfortunately.” Her face blinked out of a fleshy, spore-bearing body of a fungus. “It takes forever to keep my clothes clean of spore marks.” She quivered her long eyelashes at Theo fighting for his attention. He took one step back, and checked again what President Yceberg’s position was. He was still talking to the ambassador behind closed doors, so he was stuck with this woman for a while. “It’ll pass in a month. Just avoid chemicals. Contaminated cells mutate easily,” he said and gave her a fake smile.

“I hope so.” Lady Indigo sighed. “Would you escort me to the Ladies Room, please?”

I’m so sick of this baby-sitting, Theo thought but it was part of his job. He raised the radio to his mouth and said, “10-100,” which was the code word for a bathroom break. “Copy that,” a distorted male voice answered and a heavily armed guard nodded at him from the opposite side of the garden.

Lady Indigo left a brown vapor trail of spores in the air as she entered the Ladies Room. Theo shifted from one leg to another and his thoughts revolved around the mysterious Project Revelation, a file which landed on his table this morning. His orders were to study the super-confidential document but all he wanted was to forget all that he had learned. If Yceberg goes through with this, it will just enrage the trans-humans. It can easily lead to a war just like it is about to happen in United Africa.

His thoughts were interrupted by an unpleasant, squeaking voice: “Mr. Ruby, I have some trouble in here, could you help me?”

“It’s inappropriate for me to go in there, Lady Indigo,” he said. “What’s the problem?”

“My zipper got stuck on my dress . . . I cannot go out like this. Be so kind and save me from my uncomfortable situation, please!” Her voice seemed desperate. Theo sighed and went in.

Lady Indigo stood almost naked in the middle of the room, her dress hanging on her pimpled, purple skin. Theo walked to her and tried to think of strawberry milkshakes and playful clouds to distract himself. He tried to fix the broken zipper on the sweaty velvet dress. The woman stood in front of him, looking at him through the mirror.

“Are you married, Mr. Ruby?” she asked.

“No, madam, my job doesn’t allow me too much free time.”

“It’s a shame, because you are a very handsome man,” Lady Indigo said with a wide smile. They looked very odd next to each other: a purplish post-op fungus hybrid and a creole man with Mayan face tattoos, wearing a braided beard and a military uniform. Lady Indigo’s hand reached for his trousers and grabbed his penis with a sex-starved move. Theo tried to step away but her grip was strong and she painfully squeezed his balls with her puffy fingers.

“What are you doing?” he asked, and peeled her fingers off himself. Her body fat rippled like the surface of the ocean when she was pushed to the sink.

“I want to give you a nice time. Five minutes of pleasure cannot cause any problems . . .” She pulled up her skirt, and spread her chubby tights. Slimy juice was dripping out of her pink pussy.

He grimaced and said with stifled voice: “I’m not into monsters.”

Her small eyes widened: “Is that so?” Her dull expression quickly transformed into something she hadn’t showed before: she seemed intelligent. “Don’t think that you are so special, Mr. Ruby. Your days are numbered and your services won’t be needed anymore soon.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s a fact . . . I follow orders just as you do,” she said and jumped on Theo like a panther, forcing her giant lips in his mouth. He felt a fleshy tongue penetrating him, a sensation he never felt before. Theo took out his handgun and pointed it to Lady Indigo’s temple. She let go immediately but her smile just became more vicious. “Enjoy the rest of the night, Mr. Ruby.”

The Ladies Room door slammed behind him, he felt rage that he was fooled so easily. Was he supposed to report this to President Yceberg?

This bitch wanted to put me in an awkward position, be caught or whatever, but I won’t let anyone to know about this shameful story, he thought and a sudden wave of dizziness raced through him. Red spots bounced in front of his eyes as he rushed back to the garden to check on the president.

Enchanted into the Third Gender

  • Enchanted-RevisedTitle: Enchanted into the Third Gender
  • Subtitle: A Truth about Lala
  • Series: Hijra, the Third Gender
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Gender Swap Type: MTF

[Introduction] A businessman who travels to a northern Indian city is fascinated by exotic beauty of a gypsy dancer. He is enchanted by her and gets into a situation in which he must undergo an irreversible change.
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Underwater Escape – An Escape to the Other Gender


  • Title: Underwater Escape
  • Subtitle: An Escape to the Other Gender
  • Series: The Fatal Gender Swap
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Gender Swap Type: A woman swaps with a man in the history.

Gemma was caught in the act by Josh, while she was having sex with Max. The next day, before the show, they were still on bad terms with her husband. This is the reason why Gemma became distracted and couldn’t focus on the trick. She started to suffocate under water.
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The Kantuta Bond – A Bond that Swapped the Lovers

  • The Kantuta BondTitle: The Kantuta Bond
  • Subtitle: A Bond that Swapped the Lovers
  • Series: The Fatal Gender Swap
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Gender Swap Type: Body swap

[Background]  About 150 years ago a virus called PSY-12 destroyed the majority of Earth’s populations. The virus drove people mad and suicidal. The rest had constant nightmares what they’ve called “the nightmares of the Earth”. The people who were immune recolonized the Earth. Some tried to rebuild a technologic lifestyle, others decided to start new, more nature-friendly communities.

This is what happened on Amantani Island (Peru, next to the Lake Titicaca). They call themselves the Kantuta Tribe after the flower which grows there. Outsiders call them “Hippies with guns”. They prefer to live in isolation. During 150 years the local Quechua survivors and the new pioneers (mostly Americans and multiethnic Peruvians) formed a spiritual local community. Their lifestyle includes the usage of ayahuasca.
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Conspired into the 3rd Gender

  • Conspired into the Third Gender - PunishmentTitle: Conspired into the Third Gender
  • Series: Hijra, the Third Gender
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Gender Swap Type: MTF

A young sporty son of a rich family, adored and admired, gets abducted by scoundrels and loses both of his testicles. He lost “everything”.
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Born in the Third Gender

  • REVTITLE_A Truth About RoopiniTitle: Born in the Third Gender
  • Subtitle: A Truth about Roopini
  • Series: Hijra, the Third Gender
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Gender Swap Type: MTF

This is an autobiography style fiction of a boy who was born from a prostitute mother in a brothel. He was born with intersexed genitals but was raised as a boy. India is one of the worst countries for an intersexed boy to be raised in. He lives under constant humiliation and hardship, but finally finds happiness as the wife of a foreigner and a mother of an adopted baby.
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A Dancer of the 3rd Gender

A Dancer of the Third Gender

  • Title: A Dancer of the Third Gender
  • Series: Hijra, the Third Gender
  • Author: Yu Sakurazawa
  • Category: hijra, mtf-transgender

This is an autobiography-style fiction about a son of an upper middle class Indian family, who wishes to learn Indian classical dance (“Kathak”) like his sister. In the local Indian community “acting like a girl” is considered the worst thing that a boy can do for the father.

[Sample – less than 10% of the story is shown due to restrictions of KDP]

Chapter 6. Reincarnation

I was told to eat dinner early and sleep, chanting the name of our godess. When I woke up, Najma ji sat beside me as the ‘Dai ma’, stroking my head slowly telling me to close my eyes and pray to her while she and her chela undressed me. The humiliation of being naked in front of somebody forced me to clamp my eyes and chant Mata on top of my voice. I felt their hands on my inner thighs as they held at my scrotum. I could feel a strong thread restricting the blood flow to my genitals. As I kept chanting Mata, a few seconds later, I felt a sharp pain and I screamed out. Tears streamed out of my eyes and as the pain overwhelmed my senses, I felt like I was passing out. Every thirty seconds I felt myself waning in and out of sense. I knew I was bleeding like crazy because at one point I felt like I was hallucinating things. Thinking and dreaming about my family, my old home in Patna, my sister, and my school. Was I dying, was I dead? I wanted to get up and move but I couldn’t. I wanted to run, dance but I couldn’t even raise my hands. When I finally decided to give up, I heard faint sounds around me chanting, singing, and drums. Was I dead? I tried to open my eyes but that itself took up all my energy. As I opened my eyes to slits to see what was happening, I saw Daya standing next to me. She hugged me as soon as she saw me open my eyes and said I was free. I had made it. I passed out again.

When I woke up this time, I was forced to have water and some kind of soup down my throat. It tasted bitter but I gulped it all down, as I looked around, I was removed from that damp room to a bright room and the windows were open. I tried to get up and someone helped me put up my pillow to an upright position. I looked at the girl who helped me. She was a newbie. No way could she be a boy. She looked so gorgeous with her long eye lashes and a dimple on her cheek. I felt very jealous and wished I was as pretty as her. Daya stood with her back to me folding my new clothes.

Apparently everybody in the area had gifted me something. Now I had new sarees, a Punjabi dress and a new set of makeup. Daya looked at me and smiled, which made her eyes twinkle. She asked me how I felt. I smiled and said, “as new as a baby.” She laughed. She told me I was unconscious for two days straight, falling in and out of consciousness. There was a point when she said I had almost died. She could never have enough courage to go through what I had to. Daya confessed that she ran away when she was suggested to go through the ‘formalities’ and was told about the process in detail, but she was caught and brought back by the chelas. Najma ji entered the room and asked me if I was good enough to get up. She said I had to eat well and get well soon because we still had ‘mehendi’ which is a Hindi word meaning henna leaves used as a dye for tattooing and also is the name of the fortieth day ceremony after the operation. I didn’t know what exactly a mehendi ceremony was but I said I would look forward to it. I still couldn’t get up.

Daya helped me for the business of nature’s calls but I realized that urinating hurt too much and took up too much of my strength. I wasn’t allowed to roam around. I kept resting till I was way too bored to continue sleeping, but the blood had to be replenished. My diet consisted of black tea and sugar. I wasn’t allowed anything solid till the fourth day of the operation, when they washed my hair and gave me a complete bath. I got sick whenever I ate vegetables so they controlled my diet to the roti bread. Every day Najma ji would send one of the hijras with sesame hot seed oil to apply in my genitals to prevent infection and speed up the healing process . I was given a few basic pills of iron and vitamins but I would wait eagerly for the shot of whiskey that one of the hijras brought with her. Alcohol was the actual pain killer.

Alcohol wasn’t allowed in the community but a few hijras who had boyfriends outside helped them smuggle it inside. I started getting used to the tinge of bitter taste but the high that followed was the true magician. It somehow drove away the throbbing, the burning and the constant stinging. Sometimes it felt like I had made a very bad decision because I was still not able to walk, forget about dancing. I was at peace as I got rid of the ‘thing’ but I was scared of the fact that the scar would be with me for the rest of my life. Alcohol always brought me at peace and calmed my nerves down. After four more weeks of resting, I was able to walk small distances without fainting, so Najma ji decided to finish the occasion of mehendi. My diet was now complete and every day I walked a bit more.

On the fortieth day, when I woke up, I was taken to a room where Najma ji waited for me. All the hijras came one by one and applied turmeric all over my body and I was bathed. They said I was a ‘nirvana’, reincarnated. I was now a complete new woman, born again. I was dressed in a new saree, adorned with jewels and makeup, blushing because I felt like a bride. My hands were filled with henna and bangles. Under Najma ji’s supervision all the hijras arranged a function of music and dancing. It was the happiest moment of my life. Even though I could never be a real bride, I got to be the most beautiful one for a day at least.

Around late afternoon, Najma ji came again with some of her chelas. Assorted spices and nuts were offered in front of the image of Bahuchara Mata, our goddess. Chanting of the goddess’ name resumed and the room was lit up with the lamps of ghee. At the end I had to sit inside a steel tub filled with water and everybody poured milk on me one by one. Although I didn’t understand any of it, I was happy to be the centre of attention.

After the rituals ended, Najma ji asked me if I wanted to change my name. Since this was my commencement of a new life, I could give myself a new name but I said I didn’t. I wanted my name to be Niru, forever. She smiled and said, “Okay, from now on, you will be called Nirupa. Welcome Nirupa. Now you are free to be whoever you want to be.”

I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. I rushed into the washroom and looked into the half broken mirror. I looked ravishing, just like I had always dreamed of. I had been growing my hair to look more like a girl and when I removed the heavy makeup and jewelry, I was shocked to see that I indeed looked really pretty, almost like a girl, like the newbie girl whom I was jealous of. I had almost everything I ever wanted.